segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2016

A Comissão Europeia lança consulta pública sobre a Directiva Máquinas (2006/42/EC)!

"The Machinery Directive aims to facilitate the functioning of the internal market for machinery while ensuring a high level of health and safety protection for machinery users (workers, consumers and other exposed persons) as well as environment protection for machinery used in pesticide applications. It defines mandatory essential health and safety requirements for machinery placed on the ma...rket or put into service within the EU (expressed by means of CE marking), and sets out requirements for associated conformity assessment, monitoring and enforcement procedures.
Examples of products covered by the Machinery Directive include small hand held power tools, gardening machinery, construction machinery, industrial robots, etc."

Para aceder à consulta pública e participar:…/MachineryDirectiveEvaluation

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