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EUROSHNET - 5th European Conference on Standardization, Testing and Certification , 14 a 16 de Out 2015

O trabalho “Promoting healthy workplaces through psychosocial risks management: Deconstructing SME’s assumptions and future directions”, da autoria de Clúadia Fernandes do CATIM, foi aprovado para a Conferência Europeia da EUROSHNET - 5th European Conference on Standardization, Testing and Certification que se vai realizar em Sevilha entre os dias 14 a 16 de outubro de 2015.
The impact of psychosocial risks in the quality of workplace health is now widely acknowledged as a priority in health and safety in Europe. European industrial tissue is mainly constituted by SME’s with a special focus on micro enterprises. Due to its uniqueness (when compared with big multinational companies) the approach must be tailored and grounded on the reality. We will analyze and discuss the main constrains within psychosocial risks management grounded on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) approach present on ISO/CEN/BSI (and other) standards, and the role of standardization for the process internalization within SME’s. It will be addressed questions related to the concept, assessment, uniqueness, intervention, evaluation, expertise, action plan drawing, stakeholders and others.
On the basis of the current work an action plan for managing psychosocial risks and promoting healthy SME’s is proposed with a link to a value-based sustainable perspective for the industry.
Para mais informações sobre a Conferência:  http://www.euroshnet-conference.eu/welcome.html

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